Welcome Wawatography


We are excited to Welcome Wawatograhy to our wonderful group of Sponsors ! Blair and Julie Anessi inspired by their dear friend Lauren Hadley and her journey with breast cancer have partnered with Option Studios and Jump for The Rose on this rendition of their amazing jersey design with all proceeds going to Jump for the Rose! WAWATOGRAPHY is a skydiving and sport videography/photography company. They are dedicated to spreading positive vibes in skydiving and to those they meet along the way. We are honored that they picked us to partner with us and help spread awareness, as we Skydive, Have fun, Give back !

Join us October 22 and 23 to welcome the Wawatography team to the 2022 Pinkfest Boogie! Until then take a look at this amazing jersey on our Option Studios page www.pullupcords.com/jump-for-the-rose

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