Silent Auction – Safire3 149 and a PD150 reserve

A fellow skydiver donated a complete rig.  It’s a Vector container with a Safire3 149 and a PD150 reserve. Additionally, it has a Skyhook and a Cypress.

Jeremy Karnopp our rigger here has fully inspected the rig and declares it in great condition. I, Marian, have a detailed report of the inspection.

The inspection will be available at the PinkFest Boogie on October 17 & 18 at Skydive Spaceland Houston.  I will also make it available upon request. Just send me an email at

This will be a  will silent auction. You may put in your bid  at the Jump for The Rose Pinkfest Boogie 2020. Also, you may email me ( to put in a bid.

Starting bid is $2,500.

I hope to hear from you!  Some pictures of the rig are below:

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