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Jump For The Rose Mission Statement

As a grassroots, men’s and women’s skydiving organization, Jump for the Rose (JFTR) is dedicated to raising funds for The Rose, a Houston-area breast cancer clinic. The clinic’s mission is to reduce deaths from breast cancer by providing screening, diagnostics and access to treatment for all women regardless of their ability to pay.  Their services covered screening and successful breast cancer treatments for Jump for the Rose’s founder, Marian Sparks. (Read Marian’s story…)

An avid skydiver, Marian chose skydiving record events as a way to give back to the clinic that saved her life. In 2010, Jump for the Rose began hosting state record events for the largest women’s skydiving formations completed in Texas. In its brief history, the group has hosted two successful Women’s Texas State Records and earned two National Women’s Sequential Skydiving records and earned a Women’s World Record in 2014.  So far, JFTR has raised over $100,000 for The Rose. Learn more about our skydiving records…

Jump for the Rose continues to hold formation skydiving skills camps at various Texas drop zones and the annual Pinkfest Mini Boogie at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, just south of Houston. Unlike many competitive record events, Jump for the Rose espouses a “no jumper left behind” mentality that provides support, solidarity, and coaching for less experienced skydivers to achieve their skydiving potential in a challenging yet safe environment. In addition to donations per skydiver, spectators and supporters can contribute to Jump for the Rose directly or by attending our events and purchasing donated merchandise. See our events calendar…

We hope you will be interested in donating to this extremely worthy cause and/or participating in one of our skydiving events! We welcome all support and contributions, great or small. Contact us with your ideas or stories, and please donate today!

JFTR has been approved for 501 (c)(3) status. If you have any questions about this, please contact our Secretary/Treasurer.”

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