2021 Sabre 3 Raffle Drawing

The Sabre3 raffle was a great success! Ya’ll purchased 957 tickets. That’s significantly UP from last year’s total of 750. JFTR received donations from all over the world. We greatly appreciate your support and the Skydiving Community’s support as a whole!

This year’s winner is Floryan. He has has 170 jumps, lives in Romania, and is incredibly happy to win.

We hope you enjoy the embedded video which was streamed lived on Facebook. The video is the actual drawing.

Once again, Thank you so much for supporting JFTR’s mission of helping The Rose provide breast cancer treatment to everyone, regardless

of their ability to pay.

Finally, a HUGE shout out to all our sponsors including, but not limited to: Performance Designs, Option Studios, and Skydive Spaceland Houston.