11th Annual Check Presentation Event

On December 16, 2020, Marian and Jump for The Rose BOD presented The Rose, Houston with their 11th fundraising check.  This year the team and sponsors donated $34,000!  Not bad for a year where the entire world was held hostage by a pandemic!

Starting in 2010 Marian began on her journey to pay back The Rose for saving her life. As of this check, Marian and team have donated $277,000 to this remarkable non profit breast cancer clinic!

Special thanks goes to:

Option Studios
Performance Designs
Skydive Spaceland Houston
Larsen & Brusgaard
Velocity Sports Equipment

and many many other sponsors!

Thank you to everyone who supported Jump for The Rose this year and all the past years.  The BOD looks forward to seeing you in October 2021!


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