DATE: February 21, 2012

SUBJECT: Jump For The Rose Update & 2012 Season Itinerary

Jump For The Rose is preparing for another exciting year and we would like to invite all the drop zones, friends, family, sponsors and skydivers in the great state of Texas to join us!

Marian Sparks started Jump for the Rose (JFTR), a nonprofit organization, to combine skydiving and fundraising for breast cancer.  Marian is a breast cancer survivor herself and current patient of The Rose. JFTR is off to a great start and has had terrific support from the skydiving community and others!  So far, JFTR has achieved two Women’s State skydiving records (2010 & 2011), two National records (2010 & 2011) and raised over $25,500 for The Rose…. not a bad performance record for an organization that’s barely a year old!

“Besides being a fabulous fundraiser, this support means an awful lot of mammograms for an awful lot of women,” said Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and co-founder of The Rose. “I was also amazed at the number of survivors in this group,” she further stated.

The Rose is dedicated to providing screening, diagnostics, treatment, and support to all women regardless of their ability to pay for services.

The new state and national record skydive set this year by JFTR consisted of a 3 point 27-way. It was flown on Sunday, Oct. 9 and was dedicated to Karl Edmunds, who died from breast cancer just one week before the record. The previous year’s record, set by JFTR, was a 2 point 38-way.

“We wanted to dedicate this jump to him because people tend to think of Jump for the Rose as a women’s event, but this cancer can get men too.  What better way to memorialize lives lost to breast cancer than to have this awesome living tribute?” stated one participant. Since the skills camps are also open to the guys, many men also supported JFTR’s events as well by participating in the camps, buying merchandise, purchasing raffle tickets for items donated by local businesses and making donations.

         [Picture]JFTR NEEDS YOU!  Here’s how you can get involved in making this year’s events a HUGE success. Who do you know in corporate America? Know anyone who works for a pharmaceutical company? Know anyone in management at local hospitals or other medical facilities or related businesses? Forward their contact information and help us reach out to communities and companies across the State of Texas! Or, ask them to help YOU by donating $$ for your registration donation.

When we work together, we CAN make dreams come true!


JFTR is already planning this year’s events including the highly successful summer big-way skills camps leading up to the main event.  With state, national and world record competition organizers volunteering their time this year, we are stepping it up a notch by making these camps a warm-up for our main event, billed as the

JFTR Men vs. Women Texas Shoot-Out Challenge

   Led by main event lead organizer Diane Chamberlain and organizer Tom Jenkins, these two groups will attempt both Women’s category records and General category records. With proven leaders like this, there is a strong possibility that new formation skydiving records will be set by both groups!

Registration is NOW OPEN, so please contact:

  • Our first event was a fundraiser held during the Mountain State Boogie & Competition at SkvVenture Colorado on January 20th & 21st, 2012.  Thanks to JFTR national record holder & Marketing Director, Shannon McCarthy, there was a special duck drop on Saturday night benefiting our cause.  95 rubber duckies were sold for a donation, thrown into the tunnel & 3 lucky winners split 1 hour of FREE TUNNEL TIME! For more information on booking tunnel time with Skyventure Colorado, contact Shannon @ 303-768-9000 or email @
  • Catching the wave of Spring Break, JFTR’s first Big-way Skills Camp for men and women will be held at Skydive San Marcos on Saturday March 24th.  DZ co-owner and JFTR national record holder, Jen Illingworth, states “We look forward to working with you to make JFTR 2012 an even bigger success!”
  • Following that up on Saturday, May 26th during Memorial Day weekend, Skydive Dallas is hosting our second Big-way Skills Camp for men and women. Per drop zone manager, Johnny Kuczaj, “We are looking forward to it!”
  • TeXXas 20way/10way Competition and Swoop Pond Lau:  On Friday June 8th & Saturday June 9th,  ” Get out yer best cowboy booties and polish up those 10-gallon helmets, cuz the legendary TeXXas 20-way/10-way competition rides again!!!”  If you think you’re “cowgirl” enough to be on our 20-way all girl team which we are calling the “Rosettes”, you need to contact   We’re gonna raffle off a chance for a lucky cowboy to enjoy a fun ride to altitude and a jump with 20 hot cowgirls!  (More details to come.)
  • We plan to host a third JFTR Big-Way Skills Camp for men and women at Skydive Space land Saturday August 25th with World Team Captain Tom Jenkins as organizer.  Eric Boyd, of Skydive Space land stated, “We look forward to our continuing partnership with Jump For The Rose in making this year’s event even bigger and better for everyone involved!”
  • The Main event will be held at Skydive Spaceland’s premier skydiving center on September 28th, 29th, & 30th.    Men & Women of all skill levels will be given the opportunity to raise money while skydiving for JFTR .  With State, National, and World team competitors organizing at the camps and main event, this will be your best opportunity to become a state or national record holder while also being seen by those who may be able to vouch for your bigway skills.  The Rose has also set an “inclement weather date” set for the weekend of October 5th, 6th, & 7th

     to ensure the continued success of our main fundraising event.


The big-way skills camps are our opportunity to give both men & women jumpers the chance to learn formation skydiving skills in a no-fault, low pressure learning environment.  The positive feedback received last year has made it very clear that these are excellent opportunities for young skydivers to learn, improve, and get personal feedback and training from more experienced jumpers.  It is also an opportunity for the guys, regardless of skill level, to get to jump with lots of hot chicks and set their own skydiving records while raising money for others who need it!

Planning these events starts early, so if you or your dropzone is interested in hosting a Jump For The Rose camp or fundraiser in 2012, please contact

If you would like to volunteer time or services for any camp or main event, please contact

If you have items or services to donate, media inquiries or general inquiries, please contact

We look forward to hearing back from you with possible scheduling dates and fun times skydiving, having fun, and giving back!

Leah Blache’

Vice President,

Jump For The Rose

More information:

Sidebar: Breast Cancer Facts (from the National Cancer Institute,, and PubMed,

  • Nearly 40,000 women and 500 men die annually as a result of breast cancer.
  • More than 200,000 women and 1600 men are diagnosed with breast cancer annually.
  • One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lives.
  • Breast cancer in men younger than 40 years of age appears to be on the rise.

Suggested image captions (all images by Stacey Carl/

  • 7138: The new Texas State Record 27-woman formation.
  • 7113: Women exit two Twin Otter aircraft to build the record.
  • 7086: The record-setting skydiving team.
  • 7035: Jump for the Rose participants and supporters pose in a ribbon formation.
  • 6740: Marian Sparks (left), founder of Jump for the Rose. Jump organizer Diane Chamberlain is in the background (pink/yellow).
  • 6707: The fundraiser included baked goods, jewelry, clothing, and donated items and services from local and national businesses.

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